We are continually working to improve study content as well as study experience. Recently we have added some new features to our Android app & Web app. Please read about features below:

❖ Implemented a new UI (User Interface) for MCQ Explanation.

In the new UI, false options will be shown in red and true options in green color to identify them easily. MCQ IDs are displayed twice so the students can always refer to MCQID while raising their queries. It will help in better communication and faster resolution of questions.


❖ Added a Consolidated Bookmark feature in App for Study Tips, MCQs and Study Material.

Now, students can find all the bookmarked stuff in one place. We have added this feature in our android app which makes it easier to revise important content in the last minutes.

❖ Error Report function in MCQ Explanation.

Now you can send the error report directly from the explanation.



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